Welcome to New Hope
Christian School and Orphanage

located in Namayingo district, Namayingo Town council,
Budidi 100m off Bumelu Road,”

Our NHCSO provides a quality primary school education to over 360 children and above every year. Our traditional curriculum in English (Uganda’s official language).
Emphasizes science, social studies, reading, and mathematics.
Our Ugandan teachers encourage participation in debate, and self-expression.
In addition, students learn music, dance, drama and handicrafts.
Provision for the needy children, guide them to develop their spiritual gift and equipping them to be leaders in their communities.
NHCSO educates and provide health care to poor boys and girls in Namayingo.
Our vision NHCSO is to see children free from the bondage of poverty, ignorance, and disease. Through quality education and rise up responsible Christian young men and women who are equipped to change their personal lives and the society in which they will live.

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Team behind New Hope

Our work would not be possible without the work of our dedicated volunteers.

Benjie Alphonso

Social Worker

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Please read below to see what a few of our charity partners have to say about us.