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Our NHCSO provides a quality primary school education to over 360 children and above every year. Our traditional curriculum in English (Uganda’s official language). Emphasizes science, social studies, reading, and mathematics. Our Ugandan teachers encourage participation in debate, and self-expression. In addition, students learn music, dance, drama and handicrafts. NHCSO delivers not only equipping those in need to change their tomorrow but also results. For 12 years NHCSO students have passed the primary leaving exam (PLE),

the national exams taken by all Ugandan students at the end of primary level. As a result, a total of number of 441, have been empowered and transformed their lives and communities through service-oriented approach, committed to integrity and excellence and advanced to persure secondary school education- a striking contrast to other local children. In this fishing and farming community, New hope Christian school of orphans currently help over 360 children and above every year.


To know the heart of new hope Christian school of orphans you must know the story behind it Pastor Bernard Monday’s vision for the school is rooted in his childhood. A native of namayingo, pastor Bernard’s mother died when he was 5 years old. He was raised by his father and his aunt. At 15 his father died and a year later he no longer had fees for school and had to drop out and stay home with his aunt. Having trusted in Jesus through a revival at the Bubango Baptist Church, Bernard started to hear God calling him to the ministry.
He wanted to be a lawyer, but he was unable to get the education needed. He continued to serve in the church and through the years God begin to open Bernard’s eyes to his calling.

He devoted himself full times to do a Diploma of Theology from the Uganda Baptist seminary and to planting churches which led to the start of new hope Baptist church in 2006.

The church grew and it became apparent that must of the children were not getting education. In many cases, HIV/AIDS and malaria had taken their parents and they had lost their way seeing this, pastor Bernard and new hope Baptist church began renting rooms to educate the children and to provide them shelter which led the birth of new hope Christian school of orphans. Pastor Bernard says he can look back and see the hand God working through his own life preparing him for his purpose .

Our Core values

God fearing, we empower children to develop their spiritual gift and equipping them with Godly Knowledge Compassion We are an organization that believe that in education we believe that all children have a right to education and basic healthcare, Result oriented we believe that education is the key to transformation and provides new opportunities, we believe that children are our equipment for better tomorrow. Caring we responsibly and strategically use our resources of time, talent and money. Respect we value the Ugandan culture and way of life. we are inclusive of diversity of ideas, perspectives and background within NHCSO. honesty we honestly and openly share our ideas and organizational decision making. Partnership we foster teamwork and value relationship with our volunteers, donors, partners and friends as we work to achieve our goals in partnership with the people of Uganda. We strengthen and grow the organization in a positive and constructive way.

What we do

NHCSO has been working in Namayingo areas since 2008. Our holistic community work also includes early childhood and primary education, meals(food) accommodation, and first aid medical help. NHCSO runs environmental clean-ups, tree planting mixed farming among others. Which is offered to 360 children and above each year.
NHCSO educates girls and boys, empower them to transform their lives and communities through service-oriented approach, committed to integrity and excellence.
Over the past 12years of working at the grassroots community level we have seen the intense hardships of pupil’s face without education, with early marriage being a prevalent fate where young girls and boys are forced into an adult role at an early age. NHCSO aims to keep children in school on development pathway to greater life opportunity, until they are done with primary education and prevent the negative consequences of early marriage we also encourage and support girls and boys who are keen to subsequently pursue higher education. And number of 441 children have gone through NHCSO
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Features of Our School

Our work would not be possible without the work of our dedicated volunteers & Partners.

Daily Meals

Many students come to school hungry,
which makes learning nearly difficult.
With a daily meal, children are nourished
to successful study

Dedicated Staff

NHCSO’S staff of Ugandan teachers is
well-trained and dedicated to their
students and teaching. They give up
modern conveniences of city life to
live in this remote village.


Students receive school uniform each year. NHCSO uniforms inspire school pride and build self-esteem among children who otherwise would attend school in tattered clothing.

Who contributed with us?

The following list of people contributed their 100% support to help our thousands of causes.
To learn about becoming a partner, contact us at: or +256774375362